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Origin - Chilled, Mozzarella

Posted: 05/21/11

Origin - Chilled, Mozzarella

Restaurant: Origin Toronto

Nelson @ St. Lawrence area: These items are from the chilled and mozzarella sections.

Watermelon salad + green beans + feta + lemon vinaigrette: Such a refreshing dish and the fact that my favourite fruit is watermelon made me love this dish. Very light, but tastes good.

Bufala mozzarella + pear + rosemary oil + pinenuts + honey: I unfortunately didn't get to taste this one, but it looks neat.

Italian ham + multi grain bread + olive oil + pickled mustard seeds: This was a really great dish because the pickled mustard seeds were really unique. If you like mustard, you will like this dish. Unfortunately the meat was tough and didn't taste that good. This one has potential.

Fior di latte + mushrooms + truffle oil: The oil is very rich, the bread nicely buttered and the mushrooms provide a nice texture. It had an earthy taste to it and this was my favourite cheese item.

Burrata + pesto + romesca: Romesca is pepper with almonds, and overall this one was pretty salty and the bread was soaked in oil.

One more post from this restaurant - we went in a large group.

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