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Origin - Snack & Sides, Raw

Posted: 05/19/11

Origin - Snack & Sides, Raw

Restaurant: Origin Toronto

Nelson @ St. Lawrence area: Origin is a highly recommended restaurant that serves innovative tapas from around the world. The critics love this place and it's got some famous people behind, but I think the approach is best thing going for it.

The menu is split into different portions and the first set will be from the sections called "Snacks & Sides" as well as the "Raw Bar".

The first one is a shrimp seviche + lime + tomato + freeze dried corn + coconut. That freeze dried corn is a little joke/surprise which turned out to be popcorn! This is a really inventive dish and most importantly, it works together. I think the shrimp is cooked a little bit and not completely raw. Fresh tasting with a bit of sour, a bit of tartness and a bit of sweetness.

Spicy Spanish Fries + chorizo + manchego. I wonder if this is really spanish or whether it is really a spanish-style poutine. The fries which often makes or break a poutine are excellent in this dish, the chorizo sort of acts like a bacon as in it is very salty, but instead of fatty is spicy. Really dense dish overall and it had a hint of black beans. New tastes in this dish and good results too.

Japanese style tuna salad + asian pear + avocado + spicy ponzu dressing. See, I'm not the first one to put pear in a salad! This dish looks really impressive, but it was a bit of a random mix of flavours and textures. Maybe it's because I only got to eat a small portion of the dish, or maybe my familiarity with this ingredients, this dish didn't impress as much, but it was definitely one of the most impressive looking ones.

Smoked cod croquettes + saffron aioli. Quite fishy, but that's what you would expect from cod, especially smoked cod. Not bad as a snack, well battered and cooked.

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