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Awesome Food Service On The Bus

Posted: 06/27/11

Awesome Food Service On The Bus

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: We were really impressed with the bus service in Peru. Firstly, compared to Greyhound or even Megabus, our bus tickets around the country were really cheap! For example, our most expensive bus ride was a 10-hour ride and it costed $30. Secondly, each trip served food and drinks! Thirdly, the seats were really comfortable and offered double the leg room than airplanes! The bus company we used was called Cruz del Sur.

The first trip was a 3am-7am ride. Around 6am, they served tea, coffee, and this questionable sandwich with an apple. I wasn't too impressed with the first meal.

Another trip they a chicken sandwich with a muffin. This wasn't bad.

On our 10 hour bus ride, they had hot food - chicken with rice, with pasta salad and a mango pudding/jello.


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