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Our Two Favourite Peruvian Dishes

Posted: 06/19/11

Our Two Favourite Peruvian Dishes

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: We were introduced to a dish called "Lomo Saltado". It is beef marinated with soy sauce stir-fried with tomatoes, onions, peppers and potatoes. The first time we tried it was a home-cooked lunch during our trekking trip in the Colca Canyon.

Another dish that we frequently had was Milanesa de Pollo, which is a chicken schnitzel. We first tried this in a small shop where we actually heard the lady pound the chicken nice and thin.

These 2 dishes became our go-to items on the menu, and we tried them all over Peru in different cities. The next 3 pictures of lomo saltado and milanesa de pollo were in fancier restaurants, but as you can see, they looked the same as the cheaper home-cooked versions.

The lomo saltado on the stainless steel plate was cooked for us during our 5-day trek to Machu Picchu. I think they stir-fried the potatoes with the beef (or threw it in together at the end).

The next milanesa de pollo was from a street food stand in Aguas Calientes. By this time near the end of our trip, we had the courage to try street food. The fact that the lady touched money and touched food didn't phase us one bit. This chicken was nothing special, only that it was super cheap, about $1.75 CDN.

We got an even cheaper lomo saltado-like dish at a market in Cuzco. This ladies had her portable stoves on carts and we got a stirfry of rice, onions, fries, questionable beef, and a deep fried egg for $0.70 CDN. Good thing we only got one. It wasn't very good. Again, same hand that touched money touched food...

Finally, in Lima, we went to a chain called Roky's and mixed it up by getting lomo saltado, but with chicken instead of beef - pollo saltado!

When I got home, I decided to make my own lomo saltado. I'll probably post it up at some point. :)


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  • The beef stir fry looks very chinese!
    Nelson @ 2011-06-19

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