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How to Combat Altitude Sickness

Posted: 06/17/11

How to Combat Altitude Sickness

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: A tea popular in Peru is Coca tea. Most of our hostels offered it for free, and it is supposed to help fight altitude sickness. We learned that the main ingredient of cocaine is coca leaves. Just douse it in gasoline and you get cocaine! Okay, it's probably more complicated than that, but gasoline in anything does not sound good at all.

Anyway, coca tea is supposed to help alleviate headaches associated with altitude sickness. I don't know if it really helped, but I didn't feel too bad from the altitude - only short of breath and feeling really tired. I did have some headaches, but I religiously drank this tea and I felt fine after a couple of days of acclimatization. Coca tea tastes like generic herbal tea.

The second tea is a coca and munya tea mixture. See the munya leaf in the midst of coca leaves in the cup? Munya is good for alleviating headaches as well, and I think it tastes better than coca tea. It is minty and smells really good.


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