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Cuy, a.k.a. Guinea Pig

Posted: 06/11/11

Cuy, a.k.a. Guinea Pig

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: Before coming to Peru, our friends and family that have been to Peru suggested that we try "Cuy", or guinea pig in English. When we were in Arequipa, I went on a quest to find some cuy! We didn't have to search too long, as every tourist restaurant offered this Peruvian delicacy. We went to a restaurant that enticed us with free drinks, and I proceeded to order "Cuy Chactado", which is what you see in this picture. Mike got chicken with mushroom sauce as a "fall back" in case the cuy didn't work out for us haha

The guinea pig was pretty tasty, but I suppose anything deep fried tastes good. It reminded me of Chinese pigeon or quail - similar texture and taste. The bone to meat ratio was pretty even, or even maybe a lot more bones than meat. I obviously didn't eat the head, but the teeth makes it looks pretty freaky now that I look back at the pictures.

This was the most expensive meal of our trip, totalling to approximately $22 CDN.


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  • the teeth look a little scary. Are those yucca fries?
    grace @ 2011-06-12
  • That does look freaky, especially the head with the teeth
    Nelson @ 2011-06-12
  • I think they were regular potatoes... but in Peru there are thousands of different kinds of potatoes, so it didn't taste like regular fries we have here in North America.
    dre @ 2011-06-14

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