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Peruvians Love Rotisserie Chicken

Posted: 06/09/11

Peruvians Love Rotisserie Chicken

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: As we walked around the different cities, we noticed there were roasted chicken restaurants everywhere. We went to a restaurant for lunch in Nazca called Rico Pollo ("pollo", pronounced 'poy-yo', is chicken in Spanish). For whatever reason, we didn't order any rotisserie chicken, and instead pointed to random things on the menu to eat. I got chicken skewers and Mike ordered broiled chicken. Or that's what his iPhone Spanish dictionary said. "Mollejitas", actually mean gizzards, and Mike got a whole plate of chicken hearts served to him. He was not pleased. We ended up switching dishes, and I ate most of the hearts.

In Puno, we went to a really busy looking chicken rotisserie place. We chose it because it looked clean, and it was full of locals. I ordered a quarter chicken with fries, and Mike got a half chicken with fries and salad. We noticed that everyone was getting this house soup, and at this point of the trip, we were hooked on soup. So we asked the waitress for soup, and when she served it to us, we realized why they don't serve soup to tourists. In the pea soup, they threw all parts of the chicken that doesn't make it in a dish, so we found chicken feet, hearts, livers, necks, and bones in the soup. I can see that scaring people that don't normally eat this stuff. Fortunately, since we're Chinese and we grew up eating this stuff, the soup didn't phase us a bit. Actually, the soup was really tasty, and if I didn't fill up on fries, I would have finished it all.

In Cuzco, we shared a quarter chicken as an afternoon snack.

In Lima, we went to a chain restaurant called "Rocky's" and I got a quarter chicken.

The only thing missing is the Swiss Chalet sauce! :)


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  • that chicken looks good!
    grace @ 2011-06-09
  • Is that salad just shredded iceberg? Everything looks slightly burnt
    Nelson @ 2011-06-09
  • Yeah, that's just lettuce.. the chicken was pretty juicy. We didn't eat the skin, so didn't taste the burnt.. but it wasn't that burnt.
    dre @ 2011-06-14

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