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Familiar Pizza

Posted: 06/07/11

Familiar Pizza

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: We couldn't resist pizza in another country. There were many pizza places around, so we went to a few. The first place was in Nazca, and we had ordered a vegetarian pizza, but out came a Hawaiian pizza. Oh well. We liked the thin crust of the pizza.

The next pizza we had was in Arequipa. It was the "house special" and came with a lot of toppings. This pizza made us feel a little bit sick, but that could also be due to altitude sickness we were feeling during this time as well.

In Cuzco, we went to a place called "Maggy's" that was featured in my travel book. This pizza was the best out of all the ones we tried. We got a chicken pizza.

Lastly, in Lima, we went to the food court and ate at Pizza Hut. We got a personal size supreme pizza with cheesy garlic bread and a pizza roll as well. In the roll was sausage and cheese. This was delicious!


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  • That's a huge roll?
    Nelson @ 2011-06-09

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