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Pisco, the Alcohol of Peru

Posted: 06/05/11

Pisco, the Alcohol of Peru

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: Pisco is a brandy-like liquor made from grapes. It got its name from large urn that it was aged in. We went to a winery in Ica, where I thought Pisco was a type of wine, but turned out that they brew it to make a whole lot of things.

We tried Pisco chocolate and Pisco jams. We tried Pisco straight up and it reminded me of vodka. Gross. There was a brown liqueur version of Pisco that was similar to Bailey's. That was really good.

The most popular drink, however, in Peru is a Pisco sour. The first Pisco sour we had was free when the restaurant tried to entice us to eat there. It was really foamy, which we later learned that the foamy part was made with egg whites. It was all right, I think we would have preferred free beer.

We tried a couple more Pisco sours in different cities, but it never really changed our opinion of them. In the last picture, one of us had a mojito, and it was the grossest thing I've ever tasted. I guess you can't expect much when you go for happy hour special 6 drinks for the price of 1.


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