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Drinks in Peru

Posted: 06/03/11

Drinks in Peru

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: During the trip, we had an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The first picture is a a guanabana fruit shake we got in Paracas. Guanabana, which I just learned from wiki, is also called soursop, which you may have seen before in a Vietnamese restaurant fruit shake section of the menu. They had served it to us warm, because they had to use boiled water, as regular tap water is not safe to drink. We even saw the lady go home or somewhere to get bananas for our shakes! It was pretty good, a little bit sour, but I like the crunchy seeds in the drink.

The next two drinks were from a pizza place called Maggy's in Cuzco. Doug had recommended the vino calientes (hot wine). It was pretty good. Mike had a sangria and that was also very good.

A main brand of beer is Cusquena. It comes from the Cuzco region. It tastes like a generic beer, light and crisp.

Another type of drink is chicha, which is a corn beer. I don't think it has much alcoholic content, and tastes more like a juice, although not as sweet.

More Cusquenas. The darker type wasn't as good from the small sip I tried. It was thicker, more Guinness-like.

Lastly, a mojito at the Tony Roma's in Lima. I forgot that we weren't supposed to have ice in our drinks, but this was near the end of the trip, and I think our stomachs adjusted to the bacteria there. In the background is a Pisco Sour Maracuya.


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  • They have Tony Roma's in Pero? Weird
    Nelson @ 2011-06-03
  • I recently had soursop at a viet retaurant and I dont remember it being too sour or with
    Kitty @ 2011-06-03

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