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Peruvian Chinese Food

Posted: 06/01/11

Peruvian Chinese Food

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: One thing I found out quickly is that Peruvians really really like rice. They eat white rice like Chinese people with dishes on the side. There are tons of Chinese restaurants around, and we learned quickly that they are fast, tasty and cheap. Two large plates of fried rice costed us the equivalent of $3CDN.

We ordered by pointing at the pictures on the menu, but we've picked up enough Spanish to know the words of chicken (pollo, pronounced 'poy-yo') and rice (arroz). Fried rice is also one of the "safe" foods that guaranteed us to be stuffed after the meal.

Here is an assortment of fried rice dishes that we had over the trip. Notice one of the dishes had stirfry beef with potato. That's called Lomo Saltado, and I'll be explaining a bit more of that in a future post!

In the last 2 pictures, we decided to branch away from rice and have fried noodles. It wasn't as good as the rice. They also served us wonton soup. I think the wontons were filled with some mystery meat!


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  • um your rice noodles look more like spaghetti
    Kitty @ 2011-06-01
  • That's a lot of rice! Seems like everything will be explained in a future post!
    Nelson @ 2011-06-03
  • haha.. everything seems to be related to each other!
    dre @ 2011-06-06

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