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Cerviche Along the Coast of Peru

Posted: 05/28/11

Cerviche Along the Coast of Peru

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: Our first stop was at a town called Paracas. It is located on the coast, so their specialty is seafood. So Mike and I ordered cerviche. I was really proud of him for trying it too. We really liked the lime juice on the fish. I didn't love the dish, as the texture of raw fish is still weird to me, despite my attempts to start liking sushi. Mike finished half of his plate, but I finished all of mine. It also came with a second entrée, and I chose the seafood fried rice, which turned out really fishy tasting. Mike had a fried fish. We were careful not to eat raw vegetables, because we were told that the water used to wash vegetables may not be clean and because we're used to Canadian standards, we might get sick.

They gave us these corn nuts to eat, as they grow plenty of corn in Peru. The drink was a light Pisco Sour, and I'll explain Pisco a bit more in one of the future posts.


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