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Jack Astor's Nachos and Pizza

Posted: 05/13/11

Jack Astor's Nachos and Pizza

Restaurant: Jack_Astors Mississauga

Nelson @ Square One: At Jack's again because of the coupon. I'm so Chinese and ordered the most expensive appetizer, which is nachos with crispy corn tortillas layered with tomatoes, peppers, onions, jalapenos and a bubbling blend of cheeses. We added a free Fajita Beef Chili on top for extra tastiness. Turns out they make a decent plate of nachos. The beef even though it isn't that plentiful tastes pretty good and does taste like a chili.

As recommended by Andrea, the following is what I think is the best item on their menu: chicken club pizza. It has smokey BBQ sauce, a blend of three cheeses, grilled chicken breast, semi-sun-dried tomatoes and jalapeno bacon. Topped with brushetta, shredded lettuce and drizzled with smokey chipotle aioli. You see those lines of sauce on top? That added fat makes it taste extra good. You can really taste the BBQ sauce in the pizza and complements the chicken and bacon nicely. I love the fact that there i lettuce and tomato on top to give a slightly different texture and crunch. Looks unhealthy, but tastes really good and I would say unique as well!

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  • Yeah, definitely the best option @ Jack's in terms of food
    dre @ 2011-05-13

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