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Off To Peru!

Posted: 05/26/11

Off To Peru!

Restaurant: Air_Canada

dre: We took Air Canada to Lima. On the way there, they served us dinner, which was either beef with barley or a creamy chicken with noodles. They served us a Greek salad with bread and for dessert a chocolate cake. I had Heineken and Mike had a Coor's Light beer. I like the service Air Canada gives for international flights, mostly there's food served as well as alcoholic drinks. If you take a domestic flight, you're lucky to get a free cookie.

On the other hand, we took one domestic flight in Peru on Peruvian Airlines. For the hour-long ride, they actually gave us a ham and cheese bun with a slice of Swiss roll cake. It was hilarious, because I think we lifted off, they served us food and drinks, and then it was time to land!

When we returned to Toronto, it was an overnight flight, so breakfast was served. It was a veggie omelette (I think there was cheese in there, but I pretended not to taste it), and some weird biscuit that I think had meat in it? It was kind of disgusting, but for some reason, I ate the whole thing. I washed it down with fruit, yogurt, bread and coffee.


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