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Jack Astor's

Posted: 05/11/11

Jack Astor's

Restaurant: Jack_Astors Mississauga

Nelson @ Jack Astor's: Right by my house a less than 5 minute walk means this location is really convenient for me. Plus I had a coupon. We had a relatively light meal of just wings and beef fajita. The wings were pretty large, with a nice batter and deep fried really nicely. Not the type that is really over deep fried, so the meat is still quite juicy. Unfortunately, they didn't put enough sauce on the wings and left you wanting more taste. If they added more flavouring they would have really good wings.

The other main (besides beer) were beef fajita and Jack's does a decent job here. I only wished they gave a little more salsa and cheese (I guess toppings in general). The beef itself is good and I always enjoy making the fajitas.

In non food news, we originally sat outside, but suddenly rain clouds appeared and we asked to move inside just as it started to pour. But in the confusion, they somehow did not apply my coupon and I wish pissed because they said they couldn't redo the transaction. So to make up for it they gave me two more coupons for free apps, which you'll see coming up.

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