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Salad King Re-opens!

Posted: 05/14/11

Salad King Re-opens!

Restaurant: Salad_King Toronto

dre @ Yonge & Gould: A block north from its original location, Salad King reopens after a fire destroyed the old building. I was not surprised to see that they had kept some of their stainless decor, but happy to see that they got rid of their long sharing benches and opted for shorter ones. We got there early, but it was already really busy.

I had the Siam noodles, spiciness level 3. This had a good kick, but next time I will get something lower so that my mouth isn't burning for me.

Mike had the Panang Chicken Curry, spiciness level 10. I tried a little bit and I was crying.

Doug got the Kari noodles, spiciness level 15. This was totally burning his mouth as well.

I'm so happy that Salad King is opened again!

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