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CNE Food Terminal

Posted: 05/05/11

CNE Food Terminal

Restaurant: CNE Toronto

Nelson @ CNE: I always enjoyed going to the food terminal at the CNE for the sheer variety. After walking around perusing each stall, I finally decided on some middle eastern Shawarma because they had the largest piles of rotating meats I have ever seen in my life. I got a platter and I'm not even sure what meat it was, but and with the added sauces, it was absolutely delicious. It also came with rice, chickpeas and salad.

Next is a picture of a poutine from Bouchard's Poutinery: a Canadian Poutine Experience. Poutine almost always taste good, but what I watch out for is if the fries and gravy are hot enough to melt the cheese curds. This one could have used a little more melting, but at least the fries are fresh cut.

Lastly, there is a Primo stand selling 99 cent spaghetti. It's hard to resist, but they get you by charging you extra for meatballs and parmesan cheese. A good ploy...for them.


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