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Nelson at a Bridal Shower???

Posted: 04/25/11

Nelson at a Bridal Shower???

Restaurant: none

Nelson: No, I didn't attend a bridal shower. I dropped Kitty off at one and hung around a bit taking some pictures because the food preparation was impressive. And then when I came back, I "helped" eat the leftovers.

Anyway, the most impressive was the tower of goodies which included inverted cones with a pink sugary substance. Extremely sweet, but good in small amounts. Below was a ring of fruit and marshmallows, which I think was dipped in some nearby chocolate. On the right is a nice display of vegetables on sticks also with some savoury dips.

The next two pics are of cakes, a chocolate almond cake and a chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Don't remember if I got to try a piece unfortunately.

Lastly some pistachio biscotti, which I liked since I'm a fan of biscotti and some carrot cupcakes. Lot's of eating sweets at a bridal shower, which is quite different from what guys do when they get together.


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