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Salads in Waterloo

Posted: 04/21/11

Salads in Waterloo

Restaurant: none

Nelson: I didn't get a chance to post this earlier as I've been saving them up, but as I was preparing to leave Waterloo, I was eating the leftovers and eating salads for my health. The first one has a pear with some melted cheese and cashews. May sound gross, but overall not bad. Next one is a pretty standard salad with green peppers, cubes of cheddar, tomato and cashews, sprinkled with black pepper.

The third one features baked broccoli with chicken thigh, mushrooms and tomatoes. Broccoli doesn't go that well with a salad, but this was pretty filling. Last one is some frozen breaded chicken burger cut up with some tomato and carrots. This type of chicken goes well with a salad.


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  • pear...and cheese??
    dre @ 2011-05-09
  • Surprisingly, tastes decent!
    Nelson @ 2011-05-09

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