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Mississauga Spring Rolls

Posted: 04/19/11

Mississauga Spring Rolls

Restaurant: Mississauga Spring_Rolls

Nelson @ Mississauga: I tried to go here once but they had a power outage and we had to go to a different restaurant. But I came back to here anyway. I had the Thai Breaded Chicken Stir-Fried in Spicy Tango Mango Sauce. It was decent, and sufficiently sweet but hardly spicy.

Kitty had the Unique Satay Pad Thai, thai rice noodles in lime juice, tamarind, and tomato sauce with a blend of dry shrimps, chili, garlic, shallot and peanuts served with tofu, egg, roasted peanuts, bean sprouts and coriander. This dish actually tasted bad. It was satay sauce (like the one at hotpot) but it didn't go well with the sour and sweet taste that were complementing it. I would never order this again.

They had a bunch of appetizers just sitting out on a table and while it was nice to visually see what the food with a name tag, won't it get cold? And how long has it been sitting there? Maybe it was fake food, but it was hard to tell.

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  • that pad thai looks delish! and the whole "food on display" thing is kind of sketchy... but it's definitely helpful. i never know what half the stuff on chinese menu's are sometimes.
    sarah @ 2011-04-19

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