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Ruth Chris Birthday

Posted: 04/07/11

Ruth Chris Birthday

Restaurant: Ruths_Chris

Nelson @ Ruth's Chris Mississauga: Before Kevin left Mississauga, we had a shared Birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris partly because we both had some coupons. I've never tried Ruth's Chris before, but had heard good things.

Having known this was a birthday, they had laid out some decorations on the table which was a nice touch. I'm guessing they get a lot groups with special events here. The bread was nice and warm.

We had arrived before 6:30, so each pair ordered from the Classics menu (Three course set meal) and then the regular menu. For the appetizer, we chose the lobster bisque. It was extremely salty. The sides we picked were some steak fries (impressive looking, but not as good as they look unfortunately), creamy spinach (very rich and tasty) and mushrooms (cooked well, but not that tasty).

I ordered the Ribeye, which is "well marbled for peak flavour, deliciously juicy." It comes out on a sizzling plate with what I think is a pool of butter. Yum! My piece was fairly fatty, but that adds to the taste. I was hoping for something a little better marbled, and it probably partly had to do with the cut of meat, but this still tasted so so good.

Kitty had the 11 oz tender, corn-fed Midwestern filet, broiled. This was one thick piece of meat, also covered in butter and very hot. This meat quality was better than mine, as the marbling was excellent and it felt as if it just melted in your mouth. Excellent quality steak, cooked really well makes for a killer combo.

Since it was a birthday, they brought out a chocolate cake, once again personalized with a happy birthday message. Very rich and perhaps flourless and I enjoyed this dessert even though I was pretty full. With Kitty's set meal came a Tartufo, which also was excellent.

A really nice meal here, although pricey, is worth it.

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  • Boo I don't remember my dessert having my name on it :p
    Kevin @ 2011-04-08

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