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Owl of Minerva U of T Reunion

Posted: 05/08/11

Owl of Minerva U of T Reunion

Restaurant: Owl_of_Minerva Toronto

dre @ Yonge & Church: I met up with U of T friends for my somewhat annual "Fake Triple Date". FTD, as I have shortened it, is really 3-4 couples getting together for dinner, and for whatever reason, it's always not a full 3 or 4 couples, as one significant other is always missing. This time was no exception, as Paul's and Frank's wives were MIA.

It's crazy how all of us are married now and in our next phase of life! My, how fast we grow up!

Owl of Minerva only serves 3 appetizers, which is disappointing. I had the pork bone soup and Mike had the dolsot bibambap - our 2 usual Korean dishes.

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