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Go(lf) Leafs Go(lf)

Posted: 05/04/11

Go(lf) Leafs Go(lf)

Restaurant: none

dre: Hockey season is probably over by the time this post is up, but while the leafs had a small chance, we went to a "Go(lf) Leafs Go(lf)" party. "Go" if the leafs win, "Golf" if they lose.

It was at Mike's friend Adrian's place, and as the host, he made the delicious chicken and ribs. Emma and Ryan brought the curry. Adrian and Vanessa prepared the veggies and fruit, Denise and Robin brought brownies and a delicious strawberry short cake.

It was a very yummy night! I forgot to take a picture of the chili that Mike and I brought (and by "Mike and I", I really mean, I made, and Mike carried it in hahaha).

I think the Leafs won that night, but clearly, it wasn't very important to me that I forgot the results!


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