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Spicy Night

Posted: 04/20/11

Spicy Night

Restaurant: Chicago Heaven_On_Seven

dre in Chicago: My aunt and uncle know that some of us my cousins really like spicy food, so for dinner, they took us to a place called Heaven on Seven. Decorated along the back wall was a lot of hot sauces. If you can bring in a hot sauce they don't have, you get a free lunch! I realized that after eating bread, and thinking it was crappy bread, that the bread was probably there so that you can dip or cleanse your palette after trying the hot sauces on your table.

I ordered a Mardi Gras Jambalaya, which came with a gumbo. The gumbo was delicious, but my jambalaya was utterly disappointing. It pretty much tasted as sad as it looked. It wasn't red, and it was soggy, and the sausage and shrimp were scarce.

On the other hand, my aunt's No Carb Jambalaya looked totally desirable. I wished I had gotten that instead.

Mike got a Southern Fried Chicken Breast, as that is one of their specialties.

Ken got a Po' Boy Shrimp sandwich. It came with A LOT of shrimps!

Doug and Lemuel split this dish called "Hot as a mutha". It is so spicy that the restaurant requires people who order this to sign a waiver. That night, they conveniently ran out of waivers... I tried 2 inches of linguini and my mouth was burning. I don't know how they finished that whole thing. Doug was sweating like a maniac. They had glasses of milk with their pasta.

The last picture is a kid's chicken finger meal. I took a picture to illustrate how ginormous it was. It also came with the large pop seen on the left.

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