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Deep Dish Pizza #2

Posted: 04/18/11

Deep Dish Pizza #2

Restaurant: Chicago Ginos_East

dre in Chicago: My foodie cousins, namely Lemuel and Doug, were definitely eating a snack of deep dish pizza. We walked maybe 2 blocks south of the Hancock tower and lo and behold, a Gino's East, which is my co-worker Cassandra's recommendation. Fresh from eating a buffet lunch, we lined up for a table, and waited for a good 20-30 minutes. They didn't have a preorder system, so when we sat down, we had to wait another 45 minutes for the pizza to be baked. Which was totally fine with us. We relaxed in the graffiti covered restaurant, having a beer, just talking.

We got a small Gino's East Supreme - sausage / pepperoni (we did half/half), green peppers and mushrooms. I definitely liked this sauce better, and the pizza was cheesier, which Mike liked.

I'm glad we weren't super hungry, because that would suck to wait that long for this pizza!

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  • mmmmmmm I want to try and make that
    Adrian @ 2011-04-18

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