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On Top of the Hancock Tower

Posted: 04/16/11

On Top of the Hancock Tower

Restaurant: Chicago Signature_Room_at_the_95th

dre in Chicago: We went downtown Chicago to the Hancock Tower where we had a buffet lunch on the restaurant on the 95th floor. Spectacular view, we also saw a couple get engaged as well. I felt conflicted eating at a buffet because I wanted to snack a lot during the day, especially try another deep dish pizza place. So I tried not to stuff myself, and was fairly successful except for the delicious bread on the table that I couldn't help but eat a lot of.

The food was pretty good. They served mashed potatoes, chicken, some sort of fish that was pretty tasty, vegetables, and they had a roast beef station. There was an assortment of salads, all with some sort of cheese on it, so I didn't have any.

Mike tried their soups. At the end of the meal, Anson ordered an apple dessert.

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