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Lem's BBQ in the South Side of Chicago

Posted: 04/12/11

Lem's BBQ in the South Side of Chicago

Restaurant: Chicago Lems_BBQ

dre in Chicago: My cousins and I planned a trip to go to Chicago for a long weekend to visit our aunt and uncle who live there. A total of 8 of us went down (5 of us cousins, 2 spouses, and a child) in 2 cars and we had a really relaxing weekend. While we were planning our trip, Lemuel said he wanted to eat at Lem's BBQ, so on the way in as a pre-dinner snack, we stopped by this place in the south side of Chicago. If you know Chicago or at least stereotypes, the South Side is synonymous to Jane and Finch in Toronto... just kinda ghetto. If my mother knew where we were going, she would have freaked out. We were driving down the street trying to find this place, and luckily, it wasn't too hard to miss. Also, it had parking, so we pulled in and got out of the car.

I thought Lem's BBQ was going to be a fast food place, with chairs inside to eat, but it was basically a large kitchen with a small, narrow area to step in, order, and wait for your food. I kid you not, there was Plexiglas between the customer and the kitchen, and you pay through a small opening just like a TTC station. It was quite intimidating and obviously we looked like we weren't from around there. We ended up getting rib tips and fries and ate them off my car trunk outside. I wanted to eat as quickly as possible and get out of there.

We found out that 'Lem' was short for "Lemon" and Lemuel was clearly disappointed.

The food was okay. I found their BBQ sauce quite vinegary and the fries ended up begin really soggy. It was an interesting experience though, but I probably won't come back.

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  • Almost looks like Chinese pork BBQ
    Nelson @ 2011-04-13

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