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Kumai Birthday

Posted: 04/03/11

Kumai Birthday

Restaurant: Kumai_Sushi Mississauga

Nelson @ Hurontario & Britannia: I had a quiet birthday last year since I just had my wedding and wasn't in a mood to organize anything. I picked Kumai sushi to go and we had a large platter. Excellent quality, great presentation and real wasabi on spread on the rice. It's such a joy to eat real wasabi with sushi as the taste is stronger and more fragrant. Their ginger is also not dyed, but since I don't really like ginger I didn't try this.

We also had some tempura, where it is fried nicely and there is not too much batter. We also had some deep fried chicken appetizer which was also very good.

My sister baked me a cake. It's a carrot cake with the yummy cream cheese frosting. But she got tricked. At home, we have this container of tapioca flour. I've used this by mistake as well (to make a gravy) as it looks exactly the same as flour. So the cake turned out a little funny tasting with a bit of a strange flavour. I still enjoyed it though (for the next week).

(haha, i never returned this plate to my parents...I still use it here!)

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