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Hanging Out in Downtown Brampton

Posted: 04/08/11

Hanging Out in Downtown Brampton

Restaurant: Brampton Lisboa Poutine

dre @ Main & Church: We don't venture out downtown very often in Brampton, so one Saturday, we decided to go ice skating at Gage Park, and have lunch somewhere around there. After a "strenuous" 30 minutes of skating, we decided that we were hungry, and decided to go to Lisboa, a Portuguese restaurant that Mike frequents with his coworkers.

On our way, we were hijacked by a new shop that just opened called "Poutine". Out of the 4 of us, I was the only person against "pre-eating" before lunch, especially at a place called Poutine, but I was outnumbered, so while I used their washroom, Dave, Janette and Mike decided on which poutine to get. When I came out, they told me they ordered the regular poutine. When it came out, it looked pretty good, but small. I only tried a fry, but the 3 of them said that the poutine was cold.

Mike, fresh from tasting Smoke's Poutinerie, was utterly disappointed with Brampton's newest poutine place. "It is no Smokes!" he exclaimed!

We sadly made our way to Lisboa, brightening at the fact that we will be guaranteed yummy food. The place was packed for the lunch crowd, and I was immediately drawn to the back table to baked goodies. We took a while waiting to get a table, and finally, we settled at our table and ordered. Mike got a half chicken meal. I had some and it was really good! I tried the veal sandwich. Unfortunately, the Portuguese do not make sandwiches like Italians, so I got this plain thin veal sandwich. At least the bread was really fresh.

It didn't matter, because the highlight of the meal was the desserts! The tarts reminded me of Portuguese tarts I had in Macau. We intended to only buy 2, but instead got 6, because 6 gave us no tax! There were 3 kinds - a chocolate one, a coconut one, and the regular one. I liked the original one the best! Mike also got a honey crueller type stick as well.

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  • That is a really plain looking sandwich, but at least the tarts look really good!
    Nelson @ 2011-04-08
  • I get tired of reading food reviews with no substance. If you are going to review a restaurant and a persons livelihood add some constructive comments rather than the usual dribble and comparisons to other restaurants or cultures.
    Sky @ 2011-04-08
  • those tarts look SOOOO Gooood!
    grace @ 2011-04-09

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