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Perfecting My Baking Skills

Posted: 04/02/11

Perfecting My Baking Skills

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dre: I used to really dislike baking because I would never follow the directions exactly and things never turned out yummy. Then I found a cookie recipe that I really wanted to try, so I followed the recipe to a T. The result were delicious white chocolate chip cookies that I keep making over and over (the first picture). I think I'm good to move on to other things now...

I attempt making peanut butter cookies, and those turned out delicious! I learned to flatten my dough, so that the cookies turned out more flat.

I had a bunch of ripe bananas, so I made banana cupcakes. I made peanut butter banana cupcakes and regular banana cupcakes. The regular ones were really moist and fluffy, and the peanut butter banana ones were dense and not as tasty.

One day, I wanted to make a bunch of cookies, so I ended up making 4 different ones. In addition to my usual white chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, I made chocolate fudge and coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Finally, Denise had made a cheesecake flan with pears and almonds. This was also really delicious!

I think I'm ready for more.


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  • Oh these baked goods look so good!
    Kitty @ 2011-04-02

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