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Mi Cocina

Posted: 03/16/11

Mi Cocina

Restaurant: Dallas Mi_Cocina

Nelson @ Watters Creek Dallas: I was sent on a business trip just 2 weeks before my wedding which caused a lot of stress. I flew out to Dallas and had get dinner for myself after landing. I figured the Mexican or TexMex should be good here, so I went searching. I found a large shopping complex called Watters Creek and they had a Mexican restaurant called Mi Cocina, which turned out to be a local chain restaurant.

Since it was pretty hot, I ordered a lemonade to start. The free nacho appetizers were oily and tasty, but I like my salsa to be chunky, whereas this one was runny. Personal preference I guess.

For the main, I didn't get a typical Mexican dish, as I ordered the shrimp brochette, but I was in the mood for this dish. It is bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with jack cheese and jalapeno, grilled to perfection, served with bean soup, arroz and guacamole. Arroz is spanish for rice. Pretty tasty dish overall, although pretty unhealthy due to the bacon and shrimp. Those also happen to be the tastiest parts. The bean soup was better than I expected and not something I've ever had before. Guac and rice were good too.

Reviews say this isn't the best place for Mexican, but I thought it was decent, although I didn't order a Mexican dish.

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  • were you w/ coworkers? or did you eat on your own?
    dre @ 2011-03-16
  • I was making a solo trip, so I was on my own. Just flew in too when I had this dinner
    Name @ 2011-03-16

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