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Dragon Dynasty for Food Tasting

Posted: 03/10/11

Dragon Dynasty for Food Tasting

Restaurant: Dragon_Dynasty_Chinese_Cuisine Toronto

Nelson @ Brimley & Huntingwood: One of the benefits of booking a caterer is that you get to try the food beforehand. We brought both our parents (any more is a bit extra) so they could also evaluate the food. The menu is a subset of the wedding food and includes the pork, crab claws, shark fin soup :_(, dried scallop, fried chicken, fried rice, e-fu noodles, cookies, mango pudding and red bean soup.

The pork, crab claws and fried chicken were excellent. I try to stay away from shark fin soup as previously mentioned, but tried it on this occasion to make sure it's ok. We thought the winter melon was overcooked and told them as much. We also asked for the better vegetables, the dou miao with this dish. The desserts were all pretty standard, but decent. The fried rice was good, but we found the noodles too oily, so we asked them to make it lighter. Even though I was hurried the day of the wedding, I'm pretty sure they followed our instructions, so it was beneficial to have this tasting dinner after all.

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