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Jess and Matt's Wedding Part 2

Posted: 03/06/11

Jess and Matt's Wedding Part 2

Restaurant: Mississauga Red_Rose_Convention_Centre

Nelson: The main meal itself is chicken and roast sirloin with a vegetable medley and roasted potatoes. Pretty standard banquet hall food and not too special, but some people got the grilled salmon with Portuguese rice which looked really good. Probably should have known to get the fish since Portugal cuisine is really seafood heavy.

For dessert, an apple blossom with vanilla ice cream was served. Although the ingredients were not necessary unique, the presentation was and therefore it was an enjoyable dessert.

The next few shots are of the wedding cake (with flowers), the dessert trays and some sample cakes. But they all pale in comparison to the last item served: Seafood Buffet!!!

This 4 tiered tray display was overflowing with BC crab and half lobsters! So good!!! I must have eaten a couple lobsters and a whole crab. It was so satisfying and fun just eating all this delicious seafood. Whew, just thinking back to it makes me hungry. Awesome.


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