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Jess and Matt's Wedding

Posted: 03/04/11

Jess and Matt's Wedding

Restaurant: Mississauga Red_Rose_Convention_Centre

Nelson: Jess is Portuguese and I think this wedding is a Portuguese style wedding. They had these apps out in the middle of the dining hall before the event began. It included sausage, two styles of deep fried shrimp and big wheel of cheese. By the time I got there, most of the cheese was eaten, but the other meats were a nice start to the evening. Yet another nice part of the evening was the drink table out front. We picked a Bailey's like drink and all of us shot it. Nice.

To start was a traditional Portuguese soup of Caldo Verde, a collard soup. Unfortunately I don't remember what this tasted like, so I don't think it was too distinctive. It's tough to take notes during a wedding. There was also a salad. A good start, but it gets better. Much better.


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