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Free McDonald's Biscuit

Posted: 03/31/11

Free McDonald's Biscuit

Restaurant: Brampton McDonalds

dre @ Queen & Torbram: During the Superbowl, I kept seeing ads from McDonald's advertising their new biscuit sandwich. There would be 2 days when they were going to be offering it for free! I jotted down the dates on my calendar and did not miss out on this deal.

On the first day, I went to my nearest McDonald's, which was in the Walmart. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of people around, and I noticed no one was eating breakfast. I asked the cashier if they were offering the free sandwich and they said they weren't. I hopped back into my car and drove 800m down the street to a real McDonald's. I proceeded to order a sausage biscuit (without cheese) and waited for my sandwich to be made. There wasn't a lot of people, and the only reason I waited was because I customized my sandwich. On my way home, I stopped by Neighbours to pick up an extra large coffee, because they were offering it for free!

When I got home, I noticed that the oil had soaked through my McDonald's bag. I took a bite into the sandwich.... and I liked it! I am actually not a big biscuit fan, but this one wasn't bad maybe because of the buttermilk taste. The sandwich was very filling.

The next day, I met Dave at the same McDonald's to have breakfast. This time, the line was much longer and busier. I got the bacon version this time, and could not say no to a 17 cent muffin along with my small coffee. All in all, this was a 1000+ calorie breakfast!! I didn't eat lunch until 3:30pm.

In conclusion, although I did like the biscuit sandwich, I still prefer the sausage egg mcmuffin over it. I like the muffin better than biscuit, and I like the fried egg better than the scrambled-mixture version.

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  • my favourite is the sausage egg mcmuffin too. I don't think I've tried the biscuit sandwiches but they have been on the breakfast menu in the states for quite some time.
    grace @ 2011-03-31

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