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Queens Get Together

Posted: 03/29/11

Queens Get Together

Restaurant: The_Bowl Toronto

dre @ Yonge & Wellsley: We went out for dinner to meet up with Queens friends and also see Mike and Lisa for the first time since their engagement.

After looking through their menu several times, I really could not decide what to get. I couldn't get Chinese or Vietnamese food here because it was highly overpriced and I suspect that it wouldn't be as good as a real Chinese or Vietnamese place. I finally settled with Thai food, and even with that I thought it was very expensive for what it was. Mike got combo A and I got combo B.

The set meal came with appetizers. I had the mango salad and Mike had 2 chicken skewers. My salad was all right. The mangoes were very un-ripe and tart. The chicken skewers were good especially with the peanut satay sauce.

Mike had the Pad Thai - The traditional favorite with shrimp, chicken, crispy fried tofu and egg with our own lemony, piquant tamarind sauce, fresh bean sprouts, peanuts and lime. We were delighted at the portion size and I also liked the pastry that serves as an edible "bowl".

I had the Chicken Green Curry - Thai spicy curry sauce with coconut milk, eggplant, whole basil leaves, peppers, green beans and onions served with steamed jasmine rice. This was pretty generic, although it was tasty.

In conclusion, this place isn't bad, but I think you can get better tasting food for cheaper. They have 2 locations on Yonge Street. The night we were in (a Monday), the place was dead empty. Also, the food came out really really really really really really slow.

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