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Spring Villa

Posted: 03/21/11

Spring Villa

Restaurant: Markham Spring_Villa

dre at Woodbine and 14th Ave: I apologize for the washed-out look of these pictures. I considered not posting these up, but the food was so good, that I had to write about it.

We came for a baby 100 day birthday, so we had the traditional dyed hard boiled eggs. I have a problem eating hard boiled eggs, as I suck at peeling them, so if anyone has tips for me on how to peel it without breaking into many tiny pieces, I'm all ears!

The meal came with Peking duck. Since there were only 8 adults at our table (the other two were kids), we had a lot of food, including Peking duck!

One dish I would like to call out is the 4th picture of lettuce, scallop and barley. The barley was a really nice touch to the dish.

Every dish was really tasty and I didn't have any complaints. The servers were also very attentive, always switching up my plates when there were a lot of bones. By the time we got to the fish, our table was getting pretty full. We asked the server to just leave the dish on the table for us to grab ourselves, and they were very confused. It's like we were breaking their protocol and they didn't know what to do!

I also want to call out on the red bean soup. I don't normally care for red bean soup, but this one was delicious! I licked my bowl clean.

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