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My 3rd Niagara Ice Wine Festival

Posted: 03/19/11

My 3rd Niagara Ice Wine Festival

Restaurant: Niagara_Falls

dre: Our annual trip to the ice wine festival in Niagara brought us to 4 different wineries. I created a spreadsheet prior to this trip to keep track of the wineries that we've been to and the goodies that we tasted. Of course, like all the other trips we took, we chose wineries based on what food they will be pairing it with.

We start at Angel's Gate Estate, where we had ice wine with a baked pretzel. The pretzel was drizzled with ice wine, so it was salty and sweet at the same time.

The next winery we went to was Wayne Gretzky's solely for the purpose of eating their advertised beaver tail. The beaver was delicious, but the shiraz ice wine was even more delicious. You would think that sweet and sweet would be too much sweet, but the pair complimented each other very nicely.

We made our way to Staff Estate Winery, where I tried to take a picture of the 2 items. One was a fruit tart, which I had. The other was a cracker with some goat cheese, which I gave to Dave. They were taking votes on which paired better with their ice wine, and when we left, it was a tie.

The last winery, Colaneri, was completely under construction, and their set up was pretty ghetto. However, they had the most food and wine pairings! Starting with risotto (which we had seconds), a chocolate mousse tart, and wine pudding. All these foods had different ice wine pairings! This was my favourite place of the day.


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