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Not Many Choices in Danvers, MA

Posted: 03/07/11

Not Many Choices in Danvers, MA

Restaurant: Danvers Ninety_Nine

dre in Danvers: We arrived in the little town of Danvers, where we were staying for the weekend. Fortunately, there was a big shopping mall nearby, as well as large box stores like Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, Best Buy, etc. Shopping kept us busy.

There were not that many choices in eating non-fast food, so we found ourselves at this family restaurant called "Ninety-Nine". It was past 9 o'clock, but there was still a wait for a table. Americans really love eating out! We were really hungry, so we each ordered a 3 course meal for $12.99. It came with a soup or salad, the entree and a dessert.

While other restaurants may give you peanuts or bread to munch on, this place gave us popcorn.

Gerald and I had the Seafood Chowder - An award-winning favorite. Packed with clams, shrimp, schrod and potatoes. Sadly, this was the only seafood chowder I had on the whole trip during our stint on the East Coast, but I enjoyed it and licked up the bowl.

Mike had the French Onion Soup - Hints of burgundy and plenty of onions. Topped with a sourdough crouton and melted Swiss and mozzarella cheeses.

Denise had a salad which was drenched in dressing.

For the main, I had the Balsamic Grilled Chicken - Two lemon rosemary garlic chicken breasts are flame broiled with a balsamic glaze and served with choice of potato and vegetable. For my side, I chose butternut squash and garlic mashed potatoes, but they gave me broccoli instead. They later gave me a bowl of the squash, which wasn't very good.

Mike had the Panko Crusted Haddock - A seasoned haddock filet crusted with panko bread crumbs is oven baked and served over linguini, tossed with sautéed asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and scampi sauce. This was pretty tasty.

For the desserts, we got at least one of every type that they offered with the set meal. I can't say that any of them really stood out. They were all very very sweet.

Peanut Butter Explosion - Creamy peanut butter mousse with crumbles of peanut butter cups paired with a chocolate chunk brownie. Drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Milkshake Cake - First we infuse our rich chocolate cake with chocolate milk. Then we add malted cream frosting, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Jungle Rumble Pie - The taste of tropical paradise. Creamy banana custard with a rich chocolate crust, drizzled with caramel and chocolate curls.

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  • The descriptions of the desserts sound good. Did you really lick your bowl?
    Nelson @ 2011-03-07

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