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Dragonboat Again

Posted: 02/24/11

Dragonboat Again

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy 7 and East Beaver Creek: Back here again, but this time I can't complain about the service. The food is still pretty decent, with nice presentation for a Chinese restaurant. We had a chicken dish (good), steamed fish (typical), pork ribs with taro chips (good, but bony), fried fish in a nest (new and different, but not that good), seafood stirfry in a taro nest (nice and fresh with good presentation, just like last time), ketchup fried shrimp (huge pieces and cooked really well), vegetarian tofu and mushroom, deep fried cucumber and crab? (not a fan of the batter they use), and a vegetable dish with tofu skin and mushrooms (we had a vegetarian at the table). So I guess decent food with decent presentation makes this above average for a Chinese restaurant.

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