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Stir Fry Salad

Posted: 02/22/11

Stir Fry Salad

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Zekes

Nelson @ Kitchener: Something possessed me when I decided to order this Zeke's Famous Toss: Stir-fried vegetables on a bed of spinach topped with mandarin oranges and almonds with Zeke's own mandarin dressing (I added chicken). I may have ordered this because they really highlight this item on the menu. I almost never like Asian inspired dishes at western restaurants and this was no different. The stir fried just tasted like a bunch of soy sauce (that can be seen pooled at the bottom) with some crappy vegetables. The mandarin oranges and almonds sound good, but wasn't enough to save this. The other stuff here is decent, just not this choice as I can do better myself.

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  • I'm always so impressed when you order a salad at a restaurant!
    dre @ 2011-02-25

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