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Mucho Burrito

Posted: 02/20/11

Mucho Burrito

Restaurant: Mississauga Mucho_Burrito

Nelson @ Winston Churchill & Argentia: It was getting late and Kitty and I wanted a quick meal after some shopping, so we checked out this place. The menu looks promising as is the display of ingredients displayed. We tried a beef quesadilla and a chicken burrito. For whatever reason that I can't pinpoint, the quesadilla was disappointing. Maybe it wasn't the best combination, but it felt small and not very tasty. The Burrito I distinctly remember tasting cold. Even though overall it should be hot some of the ingredients are cold and made this whole eating experience not as good as I was expecting. Portion size was decent, but the overall experience was just missing something. I would not try again and still prefer Burrito Boyz.

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