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Plataforma Churrascaria Part 2

Posted: 02/10/11

Plataforma Churrascaria Part 2

Restaurant: Churrascaria_Plataforma NYC

Nelson: The parade of meats begin! The most visually appealing one is the sirloin with the round balls of meat encased in a layer of fat. And it tastes really good too. The one beside is another sort of steak, but not sure which. Next is the sausage and chicken and another turkey I think. There's a closeup of a few on my plate.

They also served a cornbread and a potato-like thing. Not sure what these are called, but I would like to find out. I only tried a little bit since there was so much other good stuff to eat. There was also this seasoning that I didn't really try because the meat was already salty enough, but it was interesting that it was there.

Back to the meats. There was filet mignon and some gigantic beef ribs. Some people really liked the beef ribs, but I thought they tasted a little gamey. Surprising since it's beef, but it had a very strong flavour. It was gigantic as you can see it overshadow everything on my plate. They also had some ribs. Next they had a suckling pig! Crazy! Served with some pinapple sauce, but unfortunately they are not able to match the Chinese way of cooking a pig.

They also had some other interesting items such as cheese and octopus. The octopus was excellent and cooked really well.

Finally, Mike had ordered some wine for everyone, and it was an excellent one. It really went well with the meat I was eating and I remember how well they tasted together. I didn't know this, but you can ask the restaurant to peel the label off in a specific way that will preserve the label intact. Cool!

This place was really pricey, but also excellent. I'm just sad that I can't eat as much as I used to. I think this is the best quality buffet you can get. This place is really high quality with excellent service. Highly recommended!

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  • Wow that is a lot of meat! Looks yummy! I should try this sometime. Why is the guy ripping off the wine label? What a funny picture.
    Grace @ 2011-02-11
  • Mike wanted to keep the label for reference. If you read the text, I mentioned what he was doing.
    Nelson @ 2011-02-11
  • Great meal! I love how in your bachelor party entries you always say -- I'll only be blogging about the food. ha!
    Tim @ 2011-02-11

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