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Borgata Buffet Part 2

Posted: 02/04/11

Borgata Buffet Part 2

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Borgata Buffet: Again, but the second night I enjoyed it much more since I was sober. I've mixed some of the photos from both the nights.

They pride themselves on the variety of foods. In the second photo, there is coconut rice, plantains, roasted pork and mango chutney. They had a whole section of Asian foods, since I suppose Asian people are common casino customers. I tried a bit of the sesame chicken and it was ok and I had a bit of the rolls, which weren't that good. There was also corn that is stored in a vat of melted butter. I couldn't believe it when I saw this, but I didn't try it myself.

The second plate is full of seafood. What was good was a crab stuffed flounder. The first picture is a whole salmon cooked in a banana leaf. It looks really impressive and tastes pretty good. Someday I wish to make this myself.

Next are the desserts, which were plentiful and different from day to day. They include bread pudding, fudge brownie, sugar cookies, macaroons, fruit tarts, chocolate and vanilla biscotti, carrot cake cupcakes, coconut cream pie, berry shortcake, lemon cream cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse, eclairs, and a variety of gelatos. Wow, great variety, but I couldn't try them all. I did have the gelato, some cookies and tried some puddings. Too bad I couldn't try them all!


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