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Borgata Buffet

Posted: 02/02/11

Borgata Buffet

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Borgata: This is the most memorable/unmemorable meal I've ever had. We were all pretty loaded when we went down here, which meant that some of us hardly ate and some of us were passing out. Good times! But I did remember to take pictures!

I remember the ribs were pretty good. They had a variety of seafood including mussels, clams, breaded shrimp and lot's of huge cocktail shrimp. I took some pictures of some foods that I don't usually eat at a buffet such as pizza, fries and onion rings (I tried one). Other items include fried chicken, vegetables, tilapia, potatoes, braised meatballs, Farfalle Primavera, Penne Pomodori and mac & cheese. The most interesting one is the lobster ravioli, the black and white pasta that is most clearly seen in the plate.

Also, they had a large roast. Continuing, mushrooms, peppers, grilled swordfish w/ white wine and tamarind broth (a nice firm fish, but a little overcooked/heated). Grilled Iron steak, grilled polenta with bruschetta relish, ham & artichoke potato gratin, red snapper fillet w/ shallot butter vinaigrette and summer ratatouille.

Considering how much I ate and what state I was in, I think most of the money was wasted. At least I kept my meal in my tummy....unlike some other people!


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