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Bachelor Party....Begin!

Posted: 01/29/11

Bachelor Party....Begin!

Restaurant: none

Nelson: I will only be blogging about the food. There was a lot of (car) travelling to get to our destination, so to start I decided to pick my favourite fast food restaurant...Harvey's. But we got confused over the phone and only half of us showed up there. Still ok, because I got my Angus Burger. I like the Angus burger meat from Harvey's as it tastes different and better than the regular burger. Other places, like McDonald's, the Angus burger doesn't taste better or different.

This is the leftovers of yet another Holiday Inn breakfast. Richard gots the hookups, so it seems like I end up there often. Decent breakfast for what you pay for though.

Lastly, we were on the way to the Philly area, so I decided to try a philly cheese steak at a highway pit stop. Bad choice, as it didn't taste very good even though it was so oily. I hope when I do visit Philly the cheesesteak is better.


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