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King West Liberty Village

Posted: 02/25/11

King West Liberty Village

Restaurant: Mildreds_Kitchen_Temple Toronto

dre @ King & Atlantic: I've never been to Liberty Village before, and was happy to have this opportunity to check out a new area of Toronto, try a new restaurant and celebrate a friend's birthday. Mildred's Kitchen Temple was located in what I think used to be a factory. They remodeled it to be a very loft-like restaurant, with high ceilings, concrete walls and modern decor. Prices were not cheap here, and I expected some quality food. Unfortunately, we were in a huge group, so I knew it was going to take some time to get food.

Luckily, people ordered some appetizers. Bread & Olives - Pain Thuet, marinated olives & white bean purée. Frites - Very good for physiological disorders & hangovers. They were okay. There were also Smoked Georgian Bay White Fish Fritters with remoulade & pickled spruce tips, but I didn't try any.

I ate the Curried Cauliflower with quinoa, caramelized onion & spinach. This had a nice kick to it, and I ate it slowly to make sure I was full after the meal.

Mike got the MTK Burger (apparently famous around the world) with tomato relish & crispy tobacco onions. He chose to get a salad with the burger as we already had fries as part of our appetizer, but they made a mistake and brought out fries. They brought a huge salad though, but I would have expected that from a restaurant like this.

The food was okay, and I wouldn't come back for dinner. I heard they have amazing pancakes and long lineups for brunches, so if you check it out, tell me how the pancakes are!

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