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Cora's Opened in Brampton

Posted: 02/21/11

Cora's Opened in Brampton

Restaurant: Brampton Coras_Breakfast_And_Lunch

dre @ Queen & Airport: A new Cora's had opened in Brampton, so we checked it out with my parents. It was really busy, as I've seen other Cora's. Cora's is not good at putting their full menu online, so I will have to go with memory what we ate.

I got the French Toast with a lot of fruit loaded on top. One thing I do like about Cora's is their consistency of putting a lot of fruit on their dishes, but is it worth the extra premium of their price?

I think Mike got the 10 Star Omelet made with bacon, ham, sausages, Frankfurters, bologna, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms and Cheddar, served with roasted potatoes and toast. It was fully loaded!

My mom got pancakes with bacon, eggs, and potatoes. My dad got the ham and cheese omelet.

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