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Christmas Feast With Mike's Family

Posted: 02/15/11

Christmas Feast With Mike's Family

Restaurant: none

dre: We celebrated on Christmas day at Mike's parents' house. They don't really do potluck, but rather, his dad cooks a lot of food at the restaurant and brings it home.

This year, he made a lot of pigeons. I think many people were overwhelmed by them, and even though he cut them in half, there were lots leftover. Now I like all things poultry and deep fried is even better, so I had half a pigeon. The breast part was good, but I didn't like the leg and thigh part too much as they were more tough.

There were also regular deep fried wings and soft shell crabs. Yummy!

A couple of vegetables dishes were welcomed to offset the deep friedness of everything else.

There was also salty fish chicken fried rice.

Ketchup shrimp. I can't remember if my father-in-law had pre-peeled the shrimps for my sake (yes, he spoils me). I had a couple of shrimps.

There were filet mignon cuts of beef as well as pork chops. Oh my goodness, there was so much food, that I didn't even try any of the pork!

The last main dish was creamy scallops and fish.

For dessert, I brought over a bumbleberry pie from Loblaws. Mike's aunt bought a Tiramisu cake, and Janette baked yummy yummy cookies!


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