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Burrito Boyz in Port Credit

Posted: 01/15/11

Burrito Boyz in Port Credit

Restaurant: Burrito_Boyz Mississauga

Nelson @ Port Credit: I knew there was one all the way out here, but I underestimated how far it was. I picked this up to bring to Kitty's work when she was working late. I enjoy watching them build the burrito right in front of you and how they generously heap the fresh toppings on. I had the large whole wheat steak and Kitty had a small whole wheat Haddock. As I've said before, the fish tacos are excellent. I've also confirmed that the one out here is just as good as the downtown ones (and at the exact same price). But now I know that there is one near Square One, which is so close to where I live now. I'll have to try that for dinner one of these days.

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  • Wow! That looks good!
    Grace @ 2011-01-15
  • Cool, there's one close to Square One! Do you find a huge difference between the small and the large burrito?
    dre @ 2011-01-16
  • Not a huge difference between small and large, although the picture looks like the large is much better. Do you find a difference?
    Nelson @ 2011-01-16

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